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If you listen to Radio Indigo in Bangalore, you must have heard the promos of this event. I was driving through the MG Road when this huge hoarding that caught my attention:

The last celebrity bartending event that touched the town was Prasad Biddappa mixing drinks at Caperberry bar. But this Brit who has made India his home for quite a few years - Nick Hawkins - is not a celebrity who is mixing drinks; but a bartender who is a celebrity. He is the latest coup at Zara, Bangalore. After successfully turning around Zara Chennai & Calcutta, Nick is on a month long mission in our town to promote the Bangalore version.

I have personally visited Zara, Chennai about 3 years back and loved their libations ; not sure if Nick was around at that time. Nick used to couple with Giancarlo Mancino - another Italian mixologist (now he owns a fabulous place - Giancarlos on Lavele road), at Taj , Mumbai to mix drinks. Flair is surly going to be part of his style & why not since he is also a national level flair championship winner a few years back. Now having mixed at quite a few big places like Taj, Olive & Red Light, Mumbai, working as a consultant for Taj - Chennai, handling Zara`s bar, owning a bar in Goa, Nick has come quite a long way is his bartening career of over 12 years. Read Nick Hawkins story here.

If you are a lover of the art of flair bartending and classic mixology Nick will be a great barman to see. I hope to see him in person very soon and would love if any of you would like to join me when I hit Zara this July!!


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Neo said... July 6, 2009 at 4:52 AM

Hi Shank

I'd love to join you...but not sure if my pocket would allow it!!!

Indolent Doodle said... July 7, 2009 at 9:54 AM

When in July ? :)

Shank said... July 7, 2009 at 11:56 PM

@ Indolent Doodle: Will keep you posted. He is here throughout the month.

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