Midnight Muse

There are many times you run out of cold beer in the midst of a good drinking session at home. While this doesn`t happen too often with me, but it did last night. My bum chum pal was meeting me for dinner and drinks yesterday. After swishing through THULP burgers,we started our spiritual journey for the night with him on Rum & Cokes and me on Tuborgs. As ill-planning would have it, I ran out of beers in the middle of the night. But being a believer in the power of positive thinking, I felt its a good opportunity for me to pick up the mixing glass and help myself a chilled cocktail.

And since it was in the middle of the night, I chose this aptly named cocktail - Midnight Muse (MM).

45 ml whiskey of your choice
15 ml Midori
Pour ingredients over ice in mixing glass and stir. Serve it straight up in a pre chilled martini glass.

This is a typical American contemporary martini drink. The base for MM is whiskey and generally Bourbon. In la martini style - whiskey is stirred along with Midori, in a mixing glass half filled with ice and fine strained into a chilled martini glass with lime peel as garnish. Midori is a sweet, honeydew melon-flavored liqueur that is a vivid green color and comes in a distinctively-shaped textured bottle. Midori lends its deep green colour to MM without overpowering the taste of the whiskey.

Being a Martini drink, MM is a tad strong drink. So make sure you get your proportions right. I prefer 45 ml of scotch (instead of Bourbon, just cause I was in a that mood). 15 ml of Midori is good enough. The best ratio is the one which will make you love your drink. Be bold enough and experiment with the ratios although beware that Midori is crushingly sweet. Have enough ice in your mixer and stir the drink long enough (20-30 secs at least) to aerate & dilute the drink to suit your palate. This is an important step. If neglected, you will end up having either a very strong drink due to lack of enough water content or over diluted drink tasting very watery with none of the characteristics of either whiskey or Midori.

I have not seen to many bars stocking Midori in Bangalore. But my guess is Hard Rock and Shiro must be having it. So next time you are in a mood for a martini and you like you dram of whiskey too, ask for a Midnight Muse. Do not discard it as a sweet green drink, for it has a delectable taste.

Schumacher doesn`t mix drink and driving

Last night I bumped into an aquaintance at the launch party of B52 a new bar in town. Only when he mentioned that he is off to the middle east for a 10day holiday from this morning and that includes the Bahrin Grand Prix, I realised that the F1 racing season has begun.

Schumacher is racing this time and I am sure every racing fan is eager to see what he`s got. Apparently Schumi doesn`t like to mix drinking with driving. You would remember my post on driving under influence, won`t you? Bacardi came up with this sooper cool advertisement against Drink and Driving, bringing together stalwarts of both sports and alcohol. Ace bartender Salvatore Calabrese tried mixing a drink in a Maserati, while Schumi was charming the steering wheel. Can he mix a good one...check it out.......


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