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If you did not know, Cocktail Nirvana is supposed to be a speciality bartending service in Bangalore. More about it here. Serveral months after a short stint at Indiranagar`s famous jazz club - Take 5, I am performing at two events this Christmas Season.

Tonite on the Christmas Eve, I will be teaching guests for dinner buffet at
Silsila-@-Silicrest Koramangala, how to mix cocktails. And tomorrow for a Christmas Buffet , I will be manning the bar of Casa-Del-Sol in Residency road, teaching their guests the art of mixology.

Cocktail Nirvana would have its very own bar counter at the restaurants. Like a seasoned Chef De Bar, I will be carrying my own bar equipment too. Two drinks that I have selected to teach people at this event are Mojito & Daiquiri. Both of them are Cuban cocktails. While I will be doing the heavier version of Mojito with brown sugar and dark rum topping, I will be doing a Kiwi or Strawberry Daiquiri.

Though its Christmas time, I will be teaching these summary drinks as they go well with almost any cuisine. Lets see how the gigs go!!!



Yeah, I am shaken today. Finally the economic crisis is hitting the company I work for, as well. Who could be spared!! The official email in my inbox today has hit me with the reality finally that we are living in bad times. Somehow I was avoiding it all these days in the hope that my company will sail through. But doesn`t look so cool!!

My company has chosen euphemistic words to announce the sad state that we might have to endure in 2009. Wage freeze - Meaning no merit increases next year, Voluntary separation - meaning VRS schemes, reduction in total payout - meaning no bonus in 2009, reduction in International Service Employees - meaning forget any international travel or exposure in 2009.

Apparently they have layed off 400 production staff in a factory in the US. I will not blame the company for doing this. They are doing the best they can to save the company.

On another side I hear so many people making plans to celebrate Christmas and New Year`s eve. Catholic Club which hosts the biggest xmas bash in banglore seems to be going strong with its party plans. I myself have agreed to be a special guest bartender in a couple of places for the Christmas eve and for a brunch on Christmas day. Though not very hopeful of a great response at restaurants in these trying times, I am going to be teaching the art of mixing drinks to the guests at the two restaurants. Let`s see how it goes.

Christmas Eve Dinner - Silsila Crest , Koramangala
Chirstmas day Brunch - Casa del Sol. Richmond Road.


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