Cocktails in Recession

According to a Reuter’s story on, bar-tenders and alcohol companies around the world are devising new recipes and reviving "heritage cocktails” to keep the spirits alive in recessionary times. As the world is steeping into recession the mood is transitioning from dull to gloomy.

Something needs to be done to at least palliate (if not to cure) the mood about town. Doing my bit, I am taking some inspiration from the skidding times and mixing some cheer into your glass of vodka. Here are a few recession themed cocktails, easy to make and drink at home or serve at home parties, not burning holes in your pockets.

So lets shout aloud “Recession be damned” and hoot those big loud cheers!!!!

Market Crash:
Reckless deregulation and greed caused the realty market crashing in US. Whatz a bit or rum and Irish cream?

15 ml dark rum in a shot glass with 15 ml of bailey’s Irish cream layering – consumed as a shooter!!

No Bonus
December usually brings year-end bonuses, but last year's tough economic climate has forced many businesses to rethink bonuses or perks. Oh yes, you are not alone in the down turn that has taken that bonus cut.

Build in a Collins glass full of ice - 30 ml rum of your choice, 15 ml Archer’s peach schnapps, fill the balance of the glass with Manama lemon flavored ice tea (ice tea syrup mixed with water). Stir and Garnish with a lime wheel and a long straw.

Pink Slip:
No bonus follows pink slips eventually

45 ml Gin, dash of lime juice, dash of orange juice and 15 ml grenadine syrup shaken on ice and then served in Collins glass full of ice with ginger ale.

Is the aspirin working for the economy? This bailout might work for you!!

Whiskey, brandy and dark rum 10 ml each shaken on ice with 10 ml lime cordial and 2 teaspoons orange marmalade and then served on crushed ice in an old fashioned glass. Top with orange juice if you care!

Rescue Package:
There has to be something to trigger optimism. Who knows what it is? May be this rescue package!

Blend 15 ml each of vodka, white rum and gin with watermelon chunks and 5-6 strawberries and a good scoop cracked ice. Empty into a hurricane glass full of ice and top with cranberry juice. Garnish the drink with a black straw and dark grapes on the rim.

CN believes in an experience and not a hang over.Drink responsibly.


3 Responses to "Cocktails in Recession"

Martin said... January 23, 2009 at 9:58 AM

kudos yo ! im not working yet....but the line-up sounds good....which ever stage the so-called recession wud hav hit me in !

PS: Pink Slip sounds real good ;)

Shank said... January 23, 2009 at 10:52 PM

Soory, I shud have given credit in the blog, but here it goes" all ye ladies and gentleman, the name pink slip was originally thought of by Martin" Cheers Martin!!

Martin said... January 24, 2009 at 10:44 AM

huh ? wasn't pointing at that ! haha....there's lots more to come....could have thrown me in along ! :D

anyways....looking forward to the your take on Barbeque Nation....

oh...yeah....heard about next friday's plans ! have fun ! cheers ! :)

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