People 7

805 Julu Road,
near Fumin Road
Telephone:00 86 5404 0707

Earlier in March this year on my trip to China, I walked into the coolest bar, I had ever been to. People 7 is part of a chain with a restaurant by name People 6 in Shanghai already and another bar called People`s 8 opening shortly in Beijing. This bar is slightly hidden, though its on the main road. I saw no signboard outside the bar. Only a laser sign on the street right outside its entrance. The very mysterious & dark entrance way is totally to dig at. You will never know where the entrance is, if you are not going with a local. Once you are through that, you are welcomed into a very high gloss, ultra hep expat bar of Shanghai.

One of the hippiest night joints, People 7 `s ambiance and design has loads to write home about. Raw concrete walls and dim lit candles on all tables put you in a mood. The seating is mixed, a few tall tables, few couches, some lounge tables. Warm and cosy design of the den is very relaxing.People seemed to be nice and wore a smile. The bar is unimaginably long and straight. Display of drinks like I never saw before, the green lighting at the bar is a total puller.

Crowded by expats and locals alike . Absolute stunner of a place for either a date or a night cap. Air conditioning was bit too deep. My host Brett and his girl friend Mary took me there after a feast at one of the local restaurants. I took their help in ordering as the menu was in Chinese. We ordered Long Islands for Bret and me and a rum and Curacao based cocktail for Mary. I wished I had noted the name. Slightly expensive place. Did not try the kitchen, though Brett says they have very good lunch special.

The bar played lounge music, did not seem to have any dance floor. One long island was really enuf for me & I hit the loo before leaving. The funkily designed loo might make you feel dizzy even without the alcohol dose. The knob of the door was placed on the side the door is hinged to the wall. I tried desperately to pull or push the door only to realise someone coming out from the other side. Goofy, eh!

People 7 was an appropriate ending to my trip to China, for I took the first flight back home next morning. Thanks to Brett and Mary for taking me there.


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